A DaVinci Painting Company has been providing high quality painting services for 25 years. To better acquaint you with the services we offer and the special preparation we take to ensure great looking, long lasting results you expect, we have provided you with a brief overview of our services.

Exterior Painting

At A DaVinci Painting Company we power wash all areas that will be painted to remove dust, dirt, mildew.  A fresh clean surface is the first step to a properly painted exterior painting project.

  • Scrape and Sanding:  We remove all loose and failing paint along with lightly sanding the area to provide a smooth base before applying paint.
  • Caulk:  Caulking is important to seal, protect and provide a seamless beautiful finished look and save money on utilities.
  • Primer:  It is important to protect your surface for longevity before applying paint.  A primer protects the home from mildew and mold, in addition to preventing caulk from flaking.  We have selected the highest quality of primer from Sherwin Williams *LOXON XL.

Interior Painting

Your possessions are important to you and to us.  We protect them “first” before we do anything.

We remove furniture where needed.  Remove utility fixtures. Carefully remove draperies and window treatments from areas that will be painted.  Heavy butyl-backed drop cloths protect your flooring and carpeted areas from paint.  Windows and doors are carefully masked with painters tape or masking paper.

Cracks and gaps in painted wood work, including door frames, baseboards, and casings are filled with caulking.  We repair all small holes caused by nails and anchors are filed with lightweight spackle.  Larger holes, dents and scrapes are patched with joint compound or a drywall patch whichever is most appropriate to seal the blemish and provide a smooth finish.

Applying color is the step we enjoy the most.  The transformation of creating a new space with the power of color is the most rewarding part of what we do for our customers.  We are proud to use Sherwin Williams paint for maximum coverage, durability and beauty.

$100 Referral Appreciation
Customer referrals are the highest compliment we can receive.
To express our appreciation, we provide $100 to folks that recommend us to their friends.